Hayes Valley Haute Couture

Hayes Valley is undeniably cool. It seems that around every corner, there’s treasure waiting to be found in the form of pop-up restaurants, pocket parks, craft beer, and fine coffee. But, as the seasons change and autumn has you craving a fresh start, perhaps the best gems are hiding in plain sight. We’re talking about the boutiques. Whether your style leans toward vintage, is strictly modern, or falls somewhere in between, the upscale boutiques lining Hayes Street have you covered, and they’re only a short walk from the luxury condos at Fulton 555. Here are three of our favorites.

Dish | 541 Hayes Street

If you have a style that’s hard to describe in one word, you’ll probably feel right at home shopping at Dish. This boutique carries a generous, varied mix of designers, ranging from small and local to big and widely known. The result is a collection of women’s clothing that captures a full range of mood and personality. Maybe that’s why Dish earned a spot on Racked’s list for San Francisco’s Best Boutiques for Modern, Artsy Clothing. Striking a balance between modern sophistication and free-spirited ease can be tough, but Dish has done it. Think breezy, off-the-shoulder rompers and linen sundresses, with a feel that is both minimal and modern, plus just a hint of playful, bohemian flair. The clothes here are elegant and unfussy, and many of the ensembles feel like they could seamlessly translate from a rooftop cocktail party to a beach bonfire.

Reliquary | 544 Hayes Street

Those with a penchant for all things vintage won’t want to miss Reliquary. Here, retro and modern collide, and the result is a whimsical, eclectic mix of one-of-a-kind treasures and locally sourced, handcrafted goods. Owner Leah Bershad describes her shop as “a curiosity shop of sorts,” and the description rings true; you’ll find antique Navajo rugs and Amish patchwork quilts alongside clothing from small, local designers and small-batch perfumes. Racked called Reliquary “an excellent bet for one-of-a-kind goods,” and we can see why. You never know what sort of unique, irreplaceable gem you might discover on the racks. And, if you have a soft spot in your heart for sweet details, you’ll love the hand-sewn cloth tags Reliquary adds to all their vintage items, in order to mark, as they say, “the next chapter of the piece’s history.”

Triple Aught Design | 551 Hayes Street

Now, for the guys. If you’ve got an adventurous streak and a style that veers toward rugged, you’ll want to drop in on Triple Aught Design. Here, you’ll find top-notch, high-performance gear, the kind of durable, long-lasting backpacks, jackets, and jeans that you’d want to have close by on an epic hike or a jaunt through Europe. And if you’re not the mountain-climbing, tent-sleeping type, that’s okay, too—the apparel here translates as well in urban environments as it does atop glaciers. Not only are their goods American-made, but they’re also mostly made right here in San Francisco. This enables the staff to test the products and make adjustments as they go, resulting in impeccably constructed clothing and gear that will actually last.