5 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Rooftop Deck

When the craving for fresh air strikes, proximity is key. Luckily, proximity to a great outdoor space is just what residents of the condos at Fulton 555 in Hayes Valley have in the communal rooftop deck. So, for those days when you want to soak in some sun but just can’t be bothered to leave the house, head upstairs. Here are five ways to enjoy your Hayes Valley rooftop deck.

  1. Coffee and Doughnuts

There are few opportunities to improve upon the experience of savoring your morning coffee and the paper on your rooftop deck, but we can think of one: add a doughnut to the mix. Johnny Doughnuts, a modern Hayes Valley outpost serving up a mix of classic and creative doughnuts, is only a three-minute walk away. Whether you’re a staunch Maple Bar devotee or the type who likes it when your doughnut oozes fresh filling, Johnny Doughnuts has it covered. Not ready to take off your slippers? Just give them a call. They deliver.

  1. Basking in the Sun

When the sun is out in San Francisco, locals tend to be out, too. There are plenty of studies that show how beneficial Vitamin D is for mental health, which makes sense; an hour in the sunshine is a pretty surefire way to boost your mood. All you need to bring is some SPF and a riveting book because the rooftop deck atop the Fulton 555 condos is decked out with comfy patio furniture for sunny lounging.

  1. Barbeque

There’s something about cooking outside that makes it feel less like a chore and more like a relaxing diversion. Perhaps it’s the ocean breeze or the views of the sunset casting a warm glow on City Hall, but grilling on the rooftop deck makes even the most ordinary weekday dinner feel like you’re on vacation. The rooftop deck is an ideal setting to linger over your meal, whether you’ve gathered with friends or a significant other.

  1. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga, with its well-documented physical and mental health benefits, has the bonus of being one of the few forms of exercise you can do anywhere. So, why haul your mat across town to a studio when you can simply carry it upstairs? You’re sure to find an added dose of peace in the rooftop garden, where you can hold your pose amid blooming flowers and fresh air, while the world rushes on far below.

  1. Work on a Creative Project

Sometimes, a change of scenery is all you need to bring your work to the next level. Whether you’re editing your photos, dabbling in watercolor, or sketching out plans for a new business, the rooftop deck makes for a peaceful work setting. Bring a few supplies and set up where—when you need to pause and think—you can watch the clouds passing overhead.