Entertaining in the Valley: Host the Perfect Party at Fulton 555

Those who live in the condos at Fulton 555 not only have their dream home but great spaces in which to entertain friends and family. From the open-plan kitchens fitted with stainless steel Bosch appliances and hardwood floors to the rooftop terrace with enviable views of Hayes Valley, there is ample room to host memorable get-togethers, soirees, and parties. And it just so happens that the surrounding area has an abundance of stores to help you prepare.

Lilikoi Design & Letterpress |171 Lily Street

The perfect party begins with the perfect invitation. Eschew email and text for a tangible invitation that will have your guests excited for weeks beforehand. Make an appointment at Lilikoi Design & Letterpress, a beautiful little Lily Street setup that celebrates the antiquated art of the letterpress. Ink is mixed specifically for each job before being applied to the printing plate, and each of your bespoke items is created one at a time. You don’t need to stop at invitations either. How about getting a dinner menu or wine list printed? That would be a lovely souvenir for your guests to take home.

True Sake |560 Hayes Street

Want to impress guests with something beyond the usual bottles of wine? Let us introduce you to True Sake—“America’s First Sake Store,” boasting an incredible selection of the Japanese rice wine for sale. Speak to the experts in this unique venue and learn how to distinguish your futsushu from your nigori from your honjozo. (It’s tough work, but you might have to try a few to get it right.) Then take a few bottles back to your kitchen at Fulton 555, be generous with the pours, and regale your guests with stories about your newfound hobby. Kanpai!

Ted’s Market |1530 Howard Street

Prefer to let someone else do the cooking? Since 1967, Ted’s Market, a mom and pop store on Howard Street, has been serving peckish San Franciscans with specialty sandwiches, tacos, gourmet cookies, and deli meats and cheese. Make the countertops of your luxury kitchen groan under the weight of Greek dolmades, Arabic tabouleh salad, New York steamed pastrami sandwiches, Black Forest ham, buttery pastries, and yogurt parfait. They deliver, so you needn’t leave home.

Steven Alan |445 Hayes Street

Azalea Boutique | 411 Hayes Street

Acrimony |333 Hayes Street

We knew we were forgetting something…YOU! How can you possibly be the perfect host if you’re not wearing the perfect outfit? Breathe a sigh of relief: Fulton 555 is surrounded by trendy boutiques, and three of the best are on nearby Hayes Street. Whether you decide to make a splash with a Geroux silk dress from Azalea, a Gitman Bros. Vintage shirt from Acrimony, or a showstopping pair of Annie Costello Brown earrings from Steven Alan, these shops will ensure you’re the belle/beau of your own ball.