Fulton 555 Design Spotlight: FYRN Furniture

Honing a family craft passed down through generations, Fyrn specializes in the proprietary design of dining chairs and stools, as featured throughout Fulton 555. These functional works of art are unique in form and crafted with an eye toward making a product that brings people together—including manufacturer and consumer—in a way not previously envisioned. The furniture’s simple elegance, the option for customers to assemble it themselves, and the patented Stemn system are just a few of the things that put Fyrn in the position to redefine dinner seating for the luxury condos for sale in Hayes Valley, San Francisco.

With three generations of furniture-making pedigree in founder Ros Broughton’s family, plus a great-grandfather who was a machinist, Fyrn naturally approaches design through two basic elements: wood and metal. They’re joined via the Stemn system: a component-based assembly innovation with a uniquely machined fastener at its heart, the patented Stemn bracket. This piece is what makes assembly of Fyrn furniture possible (and pleasurable) for everyone.

“The main goal behind the design of Stemn was to build a system of hardware, parts, and pieces that emphasized the strength of metal and the warmth of wood,” says Broughton. “Our chair is the foundation of Stemn, a broader furniture system that aims to change the way people relate to and value the objects they choose for their homes.”

That relationship is a deliberate move away from “disposable culture,” as Broughton sees it, and a move toward lasting value at a fair price. This ideal and the flawless, clean lines in every Fyrn furnishing represent an unmistakable homage to the late 19th century, especially the Arts and Crafts movement that Broughton says is a strong influence on his work: an aesthetic that, though seemingly simple, necessitates the hand of a master craftsperson to achieve. Of course, while we embrace the functional utility of this ideal, the real genius is in the heirloom quality of furniture that, remarkably, we, as consumers, can have a small hand in assembling.

“Ros has developed a truly unique and smart design language for his proprietary line of chairs and stools,” says Robbie McMillan of AubreyMaxwell, the interior design company behind the minimalist presence within Fulton 555’s models. “The combo of look, function, and scale makes these pieces the perfect fit for San Francisco condo homes.”

Perfect for San Francisco condo homes, yes, but that appeal goes far beyond the Bay. While you can see three of his backless stools at the counter table in Fulton 555’s one-bedroom model, each a perfectly sharp and sleek replica of the other, you’ll also find them at restaurants from San Francisco all the way to DC on the East Coast. Much of this is undoubtedly due to their durability, for where is a chair tested more than at a bar or café? But it’s also due in large part to the beauty of having a well-made version of something that is both unique in form and clearly identifiable.

“I’d call it contemporary, focused around a simple and timeless design,” says Broughton. “The products had to be straightforward; for example, a chair should look like a chair, be comfortable, and it should last a long, long time.”

As a special offer to residents at Fulton 555, Fyrn is offering a 20% discount on fully assembled furniture and a 10% discount on home assembly furniture. Please contact customsales@fyrn.com for more details.


Photos courtesy of @fyrn_sf Instagram