Where to Get Your Culture Fix Near Fulton 555

Perfect as your Fulton 555 condo is, you’ll probably want to leave it every now and then. Fortunately, your home in Hayes Valley has access to many great cultural institutions and is particularly close to three excellent centers of music and dance: the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, the War Memorial Opera House, and the San Francisco Ballet. People from all over the city (and the country!) flock to Hayes Valley to experience the diverse programming of these renowned institutions, but residents of Fulton 555 can enjoy them year-round and at a moment’s notice.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Although its primary objective is to school hundreds of students in the intricacies of classical music, this prolific conservatory also presents approximately 500 concerts a year. Whether you’re a classical music connoisseur or you’re simply looking to tune your ear to some Dvorak, this is the perfect place to watch the talent of tomorrow as they perform everything from chamber music to full-blown operas like the recent performance of Così Fan Tutte. And if the show makes you want to pick up your long-abandoned guitar or learn a new instrument, you can sign up for a class in the Adult Extension Division.

War Memorial Opera House

Things get exciting here even before you’ve walked in the door: the first municipally owned opera house in the United States is located in a gorgeous Beaux Arts building that was built especially for it in 1932. Even if you don’t make it to a show, the entrance hall, with its enormous coffered ceiling, is a performance in itself. But the architecture pales in comparison to the operas staged inside; we recommend Bizet’s classic Carmen, which will unfold beneath the Opera House’s elegant proscenium arch in May 2016.

San Francisco Ballet

Superlative ballet companies aren’t born overnight; just ask Helgi Tomasson, who has been artistic director at the San Francisco Ballet for over 30 years. In that time, he’s transformed it from a regional troupe into an internationally respected company, although there’s no better place to catch them than on their home turf. The 2016 repertory season has already started magnificently, featuring lauded productions of Swan Lake and a double bill of Dances at a Gathering and Swimmer. There’s plenty more inspiring ballet to come; browse the calendar now and book early.