Hayes Valley Restaurants Shine on Bon Appétit’s Top 50 Restaurants List

One of the advantages of living at Fulton 555 is being right in the center of all the cultural excitement that Hayes Valley—San Francisco’s most up-to-the-moment stylish neighborhood—has to offer. And nothing epitomizes the current cultural dominance of Hayes Valley better than the emergence of several world-class restaurants that are easily counted among the best in San Francisco—and the nation. But don’t just take our word for it: this year Bon Appétit magazine, the most qualified arbiter of taste for US eateries, has included not one but *two* Hayes Valley establishments in their “Top 50 Restaurants in America” list.

Bon Appétit’s yearly list of the best 50 restaurants in the country is announced every summer as a prelude to the magazine’s reveal of what their expert critics consider “The Hot Ten” top eateries in the whole nation. For 2018, the Bon Appétit critics chose Hayes Valley’s own Robin and RT Rotisserie as two of the entries in their top 50 list. That’s right: of the many, many thousands of restaurants in every single state of the US, residents of the luxury condos at Fulton 555 in Hayes Valley can boast that they have two of the top ones within walking distance. That’s the priceless kind of luxury that characterizes the appeal of this neighborhood, cementing its status as one of the most coveted locations for those looking for San Francisco condos for sale.

Robin, located at 620 Gough Street, between McAllister and Fulton, bills itself as “contemporary local omakase,” which is actually a perfect minimalist description of its fare. As with all omakase, you are placing all your trust in the chef, who assumes the full responsibility for providing a personalized dining experience. In the case of Robin, as the trusty Bon Appétit list makers noticed, the carefully sourced ingredients and the incredible attention to detail in the presentation elevate the traditional Japanese experience of omakase to a whole new level. Chef Adam Tortosa has set his culinary creations in an ultramodern environment of glossy metal that propels the idea of high-end sushi right into the 21st century.

RT Rotisserie, the other Hayes Valley restaurant chosen by Bon Appétit among the 50 best in America, is also only a few blocks from the luxury condos at Fulton 555. Located at 101 Oak Street, RT Rotisserie offers an impeccably sourced menu, taking advantage of carefully chosen ingredients to step up the game of the standard chicken-based rotisserie joint. Conceived by Evan and Sarah Rich as an affordable, much more casual alternative to their California cuisine flagship, Rich Table, RT Rotisserie can be your source of daily treats (like their positively addictive umami fries) that also happen to be among the very best in the nation.

Bon Appétit prides itself on crafting a yearly list that is not just “fancy” or “trendy.” It seeks to identify the restaurants that really matter now. Their two Hayes Valley choices are wonderful examples of that ethos. Whether you decide to splurge for a one-of-a-kind omakase experience or you crave a much more casual, home-like meal of chicken and vegetables, both Robin and RT Rotisserie will deliver the kind of locally sourced ingredients and thoughtful, contemporary environment that define “the way we eat now.”