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San Francisco is a city like no other. Part of its unique charm derives from the rich blend of old and new architecture, as stately and ornate Victorians perched on the city’s steepest hillsides rub shoulders with stunning modern buildings housing some of San Francisco’s most desirable residences. As the city experiences a 21st-century growth spurt, its neighborhoods are seeing new developments in a range of architectural styles. But buildings don’t stand alone, and any successful project should seek to find harmony with its surroundings, whether old, new, or a blend of the two.

Fulton 555 offers a collection of contemporary condominium residences in Hayes Valley, one of San Francisco’s hottest neighborhoods in a centrally located district filled with vibrant energy and creativity. As the flagship development in Hayes Valley, Fulton 555 strives to create a real sense of place, an intimate neighborhood within a neighborhood.

Architects Ian Birchall and Associates designed the Hayes Valley condos at Fulton 555 responsibly by first taking into consideration the existing architectural landscape and the needs of local residents. What makes a neighborhood a neighborhood? Is it a comfortable and familiar place to come home to? Is it an urban area with a distinct look and feel? Is it a place where one can find all of life’s necessities within a few square blocks? Is it a place in which to relax and take refuge from the rigors of the day? Is it a fun place to explore, whether by running into friends or running errands? Fulton 555 brings all these desirable aspects of neighborhood living to Hayes Valley. Because of its conscientious design, Fulton 555 also fits seamlessly into its surroundings while providing the luxury residences and amenities that make urban living both enjoyable and inspiring.

Fulton 555 was also designed with a contemporary aesthetic befitting Hayes Valley’s creatives, designers, and tech industry innovators. Working with the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association, Ian Birchall and Associates revised a previous design for the luxury residential building to come up with an improved plan that would elevate the function as well as the look of its neighborhood.

This new design features a relief façade in alternating panels of textured and clear glass that maximize privacy while welcoming in the San Francisco sunlight. This custom-designed glass skin adds a dimensional texture to the façade of Fulton 555 and gives a subtle nod to the bay windows so prominent in the city’s famous Victorians. Inside Fulton 555, handsomely appointed residences blend careful craftsmanship with modern conveniences via hardwood flooring, sleek countertops, stainless steel surfaces, and premium appliances.

But Fulton 555 doesn’t stop there—after listening to locals to determine what amenities would make this Hayes Valley development an integral part of the community, Ian Birchall and Associates expanded their plan to include a dog park, an on-site grocery store, and a bike shop to serve the surrounding neighborhood as well as underground parking and meeting spaces.

Hayes Valley is the crossroads of San Francisco. Once a literal crossroads intersected by the freeway, the intimate neighborhood now flourishes as a hub linking its city’s creative, culinary, and civic districts. Within Hayes Valley, Fulton 555 offers luxury condos housed in an innovative setting while providing additional infrastructure, public space, and distinctive architecture to the center of a vibrant neighborhood.