Perfect Time of Year

Anyone who has ever visited San Francisco knows that it is perfect any time of year. But now is the best time to experience all that the city has to offer. The summer tourist season is over, and the year-round temperate temperatures make the entire town a pleasure ground for lucky San Franciscans, like the residents of the condos at Fulton 555. As a local, you’ll have the chance to indulge in the city’s specific charms in its signature laid-back style.

While you could watch the resplendent San Francisco light flood through the floor-to-ceiling windows of your Fulton 555 home or go up to the roof terrace for a morning cup of coffee as you watch the sun burn off the fog, why not head out and explore the environs? After all, Hayes Valley has quickly become one of the city’s best neighborhoods to live in, so there’s plenty to do: from shops to restaurants, nightlife, and culture. Recognizing that this is, in fact, the perfect time of year to have a picnic in a place like nearby Alamo Square Park, we’ll now show you what a breeze it is to find all the ingredients and supplies right here in Hayes Valley.

Whether it’s a romantic picnic for two or an opportunity for a group of friends to catch up, there are plenty of local purveyors that can make this alfresco fete one that you won’t soon forget. So, grab a picnic blanket, a basket, and an ever-so-crucial corkscrew and venture into SF’s lovely weather.

First, stop at Hayes Valley Bakeworks for a boule of their crisp, chewy, and ever-so-slightly tangy sourdough. Not only is their food delicious, but Bakeworks provides work and training for people with disabilities or at risk of homelessness. At Bakeworks, bread isn’t just the best way to start a meal; it’s the best way to give those in the community a head start, too.

But bread would feel lonely by itself at a picnic. You’ll also need cheese and a bottle of bold and flavorful Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. You’ll find both at San Francisco Wine and Cheese, a local shop with, as the name implies, a wide range of mouthwatering cheeses, wines, and sandwiches. We recommend the expertly constructed mortadella with layer upon layer of provolone or the sliced sausage. This is definitely a picnic-worthy snack. (Get a few; people will want to share.)

For more supplies, like chips, salsas, dips, fresh fruit, and vegetables for a healthy crudité, Nabila’s Naturals is your go-to source. Since 1996, Nabila’s has been a Hayes Valley staple serving the community long before it became “hot.” Here, you’ll find a large selection of natural and organic food. And as tempting as it may be, try not to go overboard—you don’t want your picnic basket to get too heavy.

Hayes Valley has a plethora of parks to choose from, too. Lay your blanket on the grass at Patricia’s Green, a park that Curbed SF says, “revitalized a neighborhood.” On a once-lonely strip in Hayes Valley, this tree-lined oasis is now a bastion of art and culture in the center of an area known for both. Currently on display is Charles Gadeken’s sculpture titled 2Squared, which originally appeared at Burning Man four years ago. The piece is composed of two towers resembling trees, with playfully placed cubes (perhaps representing the leaves) that light up and make an abstract backdrop for any activity. That activity could include movie watching. Patricia’s Square recently hosted a film series, where hundreds gathered under the nighttime sky to watch Oscar-nominated fare like I, Tonya and The Florida Project.

Or head to Alamo Square Park and toast to the city amid the gentle (but joyful and bright) gaze of the Painted Ladies. Afterward, you can continue the theme of San Francisco comfort and peace in your home at Fulton 555.